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A window into health in California.

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Weekly Magazine

Arcata KHSU 90.5 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Bakersfield KPRX 89.1 M-F 6:50am & 7:50am Fri & Sat 6:30pm
Big Sur Coast KUSP 95.3 M-F 6:50am None
Burney KFPR 91.9 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Burney / Redding KNCA 89.7 M-F 7:50am None
Calexico KQVO 97.7 M-F 5:50am Sun 6:00am
Callahan / Ft. Jones KSMF 89.1 M-F 7:50am None
Cayucos KCBX 91.1 M-F 6:50am Fri 4:30pm
Chester KCHO 89.7 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Chico KCHO 91.7 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Coachella Valley KPCV 90.3 Varies Sun 8:30pm
Crescent City / Brookings KHSR 91.9 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Ferndale / Fortuna KHSF 90.1 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Fresno KVPR 89.3 M-F 6:50am & 7:50am Fri & Sat 6:30pm
Ft. Bragg KZYX 88.1 M-F 7:50am Sun 4:30pm
Garberville KHSG 89.9 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Greenville KCHO 100.9 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Gridley / Oroville / Paradise KCHO 92.3 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Gualala KGUO 99.7 M-F 9:00am Most Mondays 9:30am
Hayfork KCHO 99.7 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Hesperia / Lake Arrowhead KVCR 88.1 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30 pm
Hollister KUSP 89.1 M-F 6:50am None
Hoopa KIDE 91.3 M-F 9:15am & 5:15pm Sun 6:00pm
La Jolla KPBS 89.1 M-F 5:50am Sun 5:00am
Lompoc KCBX 95.1 M-F 6:50am Fri 4:30pm
Los Gatos KUSP 90.3 M-F 6:50am None
Martinez / Benicia KQED 88.1 M-F 5:50, 6:50 & 8:50am Fri 4:30, 6:30 & 11pm
Mt. Shasta KNSQ 88.1 M-F 7:50am None
Mt. Shasta / Dunsmuir / Weed KFPR 92.3 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Nevada City / Sacramento / Davis KVMR 89.5 None None
Pacific Grove KAZU 90.3 M-F 6:50am Fri 7pm
Palo Colorado Canyon KUSP 91.3 M-F 6:50am None
Pasadena KPCC 89.3 Varies Sun 8:30pm
Paso Robles / King City KUSP 91.7 M-F 6:50am None
Paso Robles / Salinas KNBX 91.7 M-F 6:50am Fri 4:30pm
Philo KZYX 90.7 M-F 7:50am None
Quincy KQNC 88.1 M-F 5:50am Sun 6:30pm
Redding KFPR 88.9 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Redlands KUOR 89.1 Varies Sun 8:30pm
Roseburg, OR KSMF 91.9 M-F 7:50am None
Round Valley KYBU 96.9 M-F 7:50am & 9:50am Fri 7:30pm
Sacramento KQEI 89.3 M-F 5:50, 6:50 & 8:50am Fri 4:30, 6:30 & 11pm
Sacramento KXJZ
M-F 5:50am Fri 6:30pm
San Bernardino / Inland Empire KVCR 91.9 M-F 6:50am Sat 6:30pm
San Diego KPBS 89.5 M-F 5:50am Sun 6:00am
San Francisco KQED 88.5 M-F 5:50, 6:50 & 8:50am Fri 4:30, 6:30 & 11pm
San Luis Obispo KCBX 90.1 M-F 6:50am Fri 4:30pm
Santa Barbara KSBX 89.5 M-F 6:50am Fri 4:30pm
Santa Barbara KCLU 102.3 M-F 5:50am Sat 11pm
Santa Barbara KCLU 1340 AM M-F 5:50am Sat 11pm
Santa Cruz KUSP 88.9 M-F 6:50am None
Santa Cruz, downtown KUSP 89.3 M-F 6:50am None
Santa Maria KCLM 89.7 M-F 5:50am Sat 11pm
Santa Rosa KQED 88.3 M-F 5:50, 6:50 & 8:50am Fri 4:30, 6:30 & 11pm
Santa Ynez Valley / Avila Beach / Cambria KCBX 90.9 M-F 6:50am Fri 4:30pm
Stockton KUOP 91.3 M-F 5:50am Sun 6:30pm
Tahoe City KKTO 90.5 M-F 5:50am Sun 6:30pm
Truckee / Tahoe KVMR 105.1 None None
Ventura County KCLU 88.3 M-F 5:50am Sat 11pm
Weaverville KCHO 89.5 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Westwood KCHO 98.3 M-F 8:50am Fri 6:30pm
Willits / Ukiah KZYZ 91.5 M-F 7:50am None
Willow Creek KHSU 99.7 M-F 6:50am Fri 6:30pm
Yreka KSMF 89.3 M-F 7:50am None

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