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Early Learning Explained
Early Learning Explained

Research shows that a quality early childhood education can improve a child's readiness for school and help prepare them to succeed as adults.

Education Glossary
Education Glossary

Transitional Kindergarten? Head Start? Licensed Day Care? Terms and programs involved with early education made easy to understand.


Picking the right preschool or day care center can be a daunting task. This list of governmental and nonprofit resources can help.


The California Report | Tuesday, Aug 28, 2012, 8:50 AM

Transitional Kindergarten Gets Underway

Most public education systems in the U.S. begin in kindergarten. But that's changing in California, where families can sign up for a new grade called transitional kindergarten or "T.K." for short.

The California Report | Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012, 8:50 AM

Budget Cuts Threaten Transitional Kindergarten

A new state law recently added a grade called "transitional kindergarten" for children who are too old for preschool, but still too young for regular kindergarten. Families who fall into this category were excited about the new option this year, but proposed state budget cuts now threaten to derail the program at hundreds of school districts.


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